New Year, New Sugar Free You

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We have had so much fun with our social community and talking with everyone about being sugar free. Our Facebook fans and Twitter followers are the best!!

As you know, Grandma Sal has been in the cookie making business for quite awhile. Inspired by two hyper kiddos, Koochikoo has made it a point to better the lives of the community, starting with the family.  

Cookies have been known to be a vital ingredient in a family gathering. Just like the holidays when everyone comes together, Grandma Sal and the Krew have worked overtime to make every day special.  

Sugar free cookies for any and every occasion promote an upbeat and healthy lifestyle and who doesn’t want that!? The best part about this whole deal is how this passion, from generation to generation, has expanded each time a Koochikoo fan treats their loved ones with our sugar free cookies.

Stay tuned for Grandma Sal and the Krew as we will release more news and updates soon! The Krew rocked the stage at the Fancy Foods Show earlier this month and will continue to do so in the near future! Search for Koochikoo in supermarkets, Bartels, and stores world-wide! Spread the love that started with the family, free the cookie, and strive to live a sugar free and healthy lifestyle!

We’ve got a very busy first half of 2014 with tradeshow promotions in the San Francisco, Anaheim, Chicago, Dubai and Singapore. Keep an eye out for us and share the love with a #KoochikooKid in your life!

Build healthy habits with Koochikoo Sugar Free Cookies this season!

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With Grandma Sal’s own Koochikoo kids bustling about, she understands the importance of reinforcing healthy eating habits in our little one’s lives but it can be hard with sugary temptations at every turn! It can be especially difficult during this festive season when kiddos and parents alike are bombarded with the saccharine treats the holidays have to offer. Even old St. Nick is left a plate of sugar-filled cookies on Christmas Eve when Koochikoo’s sugar free cookies could provide him the natural energy he needs to bring joy to so many homes without the negative health impact!

Why not take a cue from the nation’s leading organization in health and wellness? The Center for Disease Control has compiled a handy guide

  1. Reflect on your current habits by brainstorming with your family the ways in which sugar consumption affects your lives. Make a list of when you’re eating sweet treats and what might be driving ya’ll to crave them. The CDC suggests asking yourself if you can avoid the cue or should you work to…
  2. Replace the sweets with a healthier option. Grandma Sal’s healthy snacks are a delectable deterrent to those crummy candies. Help your family reach for the sugar free cookie jar by bringing Koochikoo to your home!
  3. Reinforce these alternatives by praising your kiddos for doing something different and letting them know the difference their helping to make in the health and happiness of the whole gang!

Everyone’s bound to be a little more joyful with their bodies and minds feeling 100% thanks to work you put in building a reliable, sugar free home!

Koochikoo Sugar Free Cookies at a Bartell Drugs near you!

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At the beginning of the month, Grandma Sal made an extraordinary announcement on our Facebook page. All of us at Koochikoo were bursting with excitement to let you know that very soon, you’ll be able to swing by a Bartell Drugs store near you and snag your favorite flavor of Koochikoo Sugar Free Cookies! It’s been a long road to this point and we are so happy to celebrate our wondrous opportunities with our Koochikoo friends and family!

When Koochikoo first began back in 2012, Grandma Sal had high hopes for the possibilities of monk fruit and now she’ll be getting to share her Blissful Chocolatey Brownie, Cheerful Chocolatey Chip, Joyful Maple Oatmeal, and Sunny Strawberry Twist sugar free cookies with a whole lot more people. Take a peek into the Koochikoo production process and learn a little bit more about how these yummy treats get from Grandma Sal’s big brain to your big tummies!

Come say “Hi!” to Grandma Sal in 2014!

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Here at Koochikoo, we sure are busy! On tail end of the Expo East conference Natural Products show in Baltimore, Grandma Sal already has us lined up for a whole bunch of great events in 2014. She’s got a vision for Koochikoo’s sugar free cookies, you see, and we’re here to support her spread her dreams of healthy snacking around world. We’ll be joining her, not only across the U.S., but globetrotting all the way to Singapore and Dubai, too! Who knew that when Grandma Sal started Koochikoo back in 2012, there’d be such a bounty of opportunity to share the love.

Whether you’re a resident of the United States or a Koochikoo fan living overseas, Grandma Sal would love the chance to meet ya! Come swing by our booth at one of the following appearances and share with her why you and your family can’t get enough of these sugar free cookies.

Sweets Mid East Dubai, November 17-19 2013

Fancy Food Show - San Francisco, January 19-21-2014

Gulf Foods Dubai, February 23-27 2014

Natural Products Expo West Anaheim, CA, March 7-9 2014

Food and Hotel Asia, Singapore, April 8-11 2014

All Sweets Expo Chicago, May 20-22 2014

Sugar free is all about love!

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Grandma Sal’s been at this cookie making business for a minute now but whipping up sugar free cookies wasn’t always a top priority even if healthy eating might’ve been. It wasn’t until her stepson kept talking her ear off about his two hyper kiddos bouncing off the walls every time they got their hands on the oh-so-precious sugary treats. Little did those girls know, they’d be the inspiration for Grandma Sal’s other pride and joy – Koochikoo!

Starting a new business would be scary for anybody, but that Grandma Sal – she’s got guts! She’d probably shrug this grand achievement off, but with the health and well-being of not only her little grandchildren but her adult children as well, she persevered like the tough and ambitious lady she is. And here we are today, a budding little brand with its heart in just the right place, rooted in the love and care a grandmother has for her grandkids.

The best part about this whole deal is how this love, from generation to generation, is expanded each time a Koochikoo fan treats their loved ones with our sugar free cookies. Run, don't walk to your nearest supermarket and grab some sugar free cookies for your family. Share the love!

Share Your Family’s Sugar-Free Smiles with Grandma Sal!

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Koochikoo knows that the best part of treating your kids with healthy snacks is knowing, that with each nibble, the long term physical and dental health benefits increase exponentially! Grandma Sal created Koochikoo’s sugar free cookies with this sentiment, as well as a few grandchildren’s worth of experience with kiddo’s taste buds, in mind. She knows “airplane” doesn’t work with your knows-just-about everything eight year old. Koochikoo sugar free cookies up the ante when it comes to enticing your family to maintain a healthy diet! Soon enough, you’re going to have to hide that sugar free cookie jar from the kids!

The Mayo Clinic says that choosing an alternative sweetener to sugar dramatically decreases your risk of diabetes and obesity and WebMD adds that a sugar free diet prevents the production of tooth-decaying bacteria and promotes oral health. Ain’t that something to celebrate!

Grandma Sal certainly thinks so and wants to catch a glimpse of your healthy family’s pearly white smiles and join in on the merriment of forming new and healthy eating habits. Take this opportunity to rejoice in the fam’s love of sugar free living and snap a pic of the little one’s grins. Share the photo with Grandma Sal, either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and hashtag it #KoochikooKids for a chance to win even more of the delicious goodies the kids can’t get enough of!

Sugar Free Cookies? You Don’t Say!

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It’s no secret our sugar free cookies will tickle your taste buds and make you jump for joy. Many of you are asking “So, what IS monk fruit anyways?”

Monk Fruit is not some new chemically engineered fruit, or another in a long line of yucky artificial sweeteners. Monk fruit is an all-natural fruit that's been grown and used in Asia for more than a thousand years!  When Grandma Sal discovered Monk Fruit she declared “It’s a Monk Fruit Miracle!” See, Grandma Sal had been pulling out her hair waiting for someone, anyone to give us a natural, sugar free snack but no one did. So she set to baking her buns off and perfected a sugar free, all natural cookie that tasted homemade. Koo-hoo!

The Many Names of Monk Fruit  
Monk Fruit, luo han guo, luo han qua, arhat fruit, Buddha fruit, and longevity fruit are all used to name the same fruit which is scientifically known as Siraitia grosvenorii. Native to Southern China and Northern Thailand, this fruit has been used as a sweetener and as medicine for more than a thousand years! That’s a long time!  

Making a Healthy Sugar Substitute  
There are two methods by which Monk fruit is eaten. The first process is the oldest. The fruit is picked when ripe and dried in ovens. It is then used to make teas and powders used as sweeteners. Monks have been using this method since at least the 13th century, which is how the fruit got its name.  

The second method is the one used by Koochikoo to get our sweetener. The monk fruit is first harvested, allowed to ripen to perfection, and then juiced. The juice is then used to create the pure natural monk fruit extract that we use to sweeten our sugar free, all natural cookies! In fact, monk fruit extract is some 300 times sweeter than sugar!  

Why Isn't Everyone Using It?
Monk fruit is essentially a little -known fruit. While it is very sweet, low in calories, and healthy, it only grows in small parts of the world. Traditionally this fruit only grows in its natural habitat, meaning that it is hard to come by in other parts of the world. Like other natural sugar substitutes such as Stevia which are just now catching on, Monk fruit is becoming more popular because technology allows it to be harvested, transported, and used, more economically. As the fruit becomes more well-known, and more people look for sugar free foods and drinks, monk fruit will become more and more popular.

We’re sure by now; you’re as excited as we were! Choose from one of our four delicious flavors of sugar free cookies, or since they are SUGAR FREE try them all!