Build healthy habits with Koochikoo Sugar Free Cookies this season!

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With Grandma Sal’s own Koochikoo kids bustling about, she understands the importance of reinforcing healthy eating habits in our little one’s lives but it can be hard with sugary temptations at every turn! It can be especially difficult during this festive season when kiddos and parents alike are bombarded with the saccharine treats the holidays have to offer. Even old St. Nick is left a plate of sugar-filled cookies on Christmas Eve when Koochikoo’s sugar free cookies could provide him the natural energy he needs to bring joy to so many homes without the negative health impact!

Why not take a cue from the nation’s leading organization in health and wellness? The Center for Disease Control has compiled a handy guide

  1. Reflect on your current habits by brainstorming with your family the ways in which sugar consumption affects your lives. Make a list of when you’re eating sweet treats and what might be driving ya’ll to crave them. The CDC suggests asking yourself if you can avoid the cue or should you work to…
  2. Replace the sweets with a healthier option. Grandma Sal’s healthy snacks are a delectable deterrent to those crummy candies. Help your family reach for the sugar free cookie jar by bringing Koochikoo to your home!
  3. Reinforce these alternatives by praising your kiddos for doing something different and letting them know the difference their helping to make in the health and happiness of the whole gang!

Everyone’s bound to be a little more joyful with their bodies and minds feeling 100% thanks to work you put in building a reliable, sugar free home!

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