Come say “Hi!” to Grandma Sal in 2014!

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Here at Koochikoo, we sure are busy! On tail end of the Expo East conference Natural Products show in Baltimore, Grandma Sal already has us lined up for a whole bunch of great events in 2014. She’s got a vision for Koochikoo’s sugar free cookies, you see, and we’re here to support her spread her dreams of healthy snacking around world. We’ll be joining her, not only across the U.S., but globetrotting all the way to Singapore and Dubai, too! Who knew that when Grandma Sal started Koochikoo back in 2012, there’d be such a bounty of opportunity to share the love.

Whether you’re a resident of the United States or a Koochikoo fan living overseas, Grandma Sal would love the chance to meet ya! Come swing by our booth at one of the following appearances and share with her why you and your family can’t get enough of these sugar free cookies.

Sweets Mid East Dubai, November 17-19 2013

Fancy Food Show - San Francisco, January 19-21-2014

Gulf Foods Dubai, February 23-27 2014

Natural Products Expo West Anaheim, CA, March 7-9 2014

Food and Hotel Asia, Singapore, April 8-11 2014

All Sweets Expo Chicago, May 20-22 2014

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