Koochikoo Sugar Free Cookies at a Bartell Drugs near you!

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At the beginning of the month, Grandma Sal made an extraordinary announcement on our Facebook page. All of us at Koochikoo were bursting with excitement to let you know that very soon, you’ll be able to swing by a Bartell Drugs store near you and snag your favorite flavor of Koochikoo Sugar Free Cookies! It’s been a long road to this point and we are so happy to celebrate our wondrous opportunities with our Koochikoo friends and family!

When Koochikoo first began back in 2012, Grandma Sal had high hopes for the possibilities of monk fruit and now she’ll be getting to share her Blissful Chocolatey Brownie, Cheerful Chocolatey Chip, Joyful Maple Oatmeal, and Sunny Strawberry Twist sugar free cookies with a whole lot more people. Take a peek into the Koochikoo production process and learn a little bit more about how these yummy treats get from Grandma Sal’s big brain to your big tummies!

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