Share Your Family’s Sugar-Free Smiles with Grandma Sal!

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Koochikoo knows that the best part of treating your kids with healthy snacks is knowing, that with each nibble, the long term physical and dental health benefits increase exponentially! Grandma Sal created Koochikoo’s sugar free cookies with this sentiment, as well as a few grandchildren’s worth of experience with kiddo’s taste buds, in mind. She knows “airplane” doesn’t work with your knows-just-about everything eight year old. Koochikoo sugar free cookies up the ante when it comes to enticing your family to maintain a healthy diet! Soon enough, you’re going to have to hide that sugar free cookie jar from the kids!

The Mayo Clinic says that choosing an alternative sweetener to sugar dramatically decreases your risk of diabetes and obesity and WebMD adds that a sugar free diet prevents the production of tooth-decaying bacteria and promotes oral health. Ain’t that something to celebrate!

Grandma Sal certainly thinks so and wants to catch a glimpse of your healthy family’s pearly white smiles and join in on the merriment of forming new and healthy eating habits. Take this opportunity to rejoice in the fam’s love of sugar free living and snap a pic of the little one’s grins. Share the photo with Grandma Sal, either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and hashtag it #KoochikooKids for a chance to win even more of the delicious goodies the kids can’t get enough of!

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