Sugar Free Cookies? You Don’t Say!

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It’s no secret our sugar free cookies will tickle your taste buds and make you jump for joy. Many of you are asking “So, what IS monk fruit anyways?”

Monk Fruit is not some new chemically engineered fruit, or another in a long line of yucky artificial sweeteners. Monk fruit is an all-natural fruit that's been grown and used in Asia for more than a thousand years!  When Grandma Sal discovered Monk Fruit she declared “It’s a Monk Fruit Miracle!” See, Grandma Sal had been pulling out her hair waiting for someone, anyone to give us a natural, sugar free snack but no one did. So she set to baking her buns off and perfected a sugar free, all natural cookie that tasted homemade. Koo-hoo!

The Many Names of Monk Fruit  
Monk Fruit, luo han guo, luo han qua, arhat fruit, Buddha fruit, and longevity fruit are all used to name the same fruit which is scientifically known as Siraitia grosvenorii. Native to Southern China and Northern Thailand, this fruit has been used as a sweetener and as medicine for more than a thousand years! That’s a long time!  

Making a Healthy Sugar Substitute  
There are two methods by which Monk fruit is eaten. The first process is the oldest. The fruit is picked when ripe and dried in ovens. It is then used to make teas and powders used as sweeteners. Monks have been using this method since at least the 13th century, which is how the fruit got its name.  

The second method is the one used by Koochikoo to get our sweetener. The monk fruit is first harvested, allowed to ripen to perfection, and then juiced. The juice is then used to create the pure natural monk fruit extract that we use to sweeten our sugar free, all natural cookies! In fact, monk fruit extract is some 300 times sweeter than sugar!  

Why Isn't Everyone Using It?
Monk fruit is essentially a little -known fruit. While it is very sweet, low in calories, and healthy, it only grows in small parts of the world. Traditionally this fruit only grows in its natural habitat, meaning that it is hard to come by in other parts of the world. Like other natural sugar substitutes such as Stevia which are just now catching on, Monk fruit is becoming more popular because technology allows it to be harvested, transported, and used, more economically. As the fruit becomes more well-known, and more people look for sugar free foods and drinks, monk fruit will become more and more popular.

We’re sure by now; you’re as excited as we were! Choose from one of our four delicious flavors of sugar free cookies, or since they are SUGAR FREE try them all!

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