Sugar free is all about love!

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Grandma Sal’s been at this cookie making business for a minute now but whipping up sugar free cookies wasn’t always a top priority even if healthy eating might’ve been. It wasn’t until her stepson kept talking her ear off about his two hyper kiddos bouncing off the walls every time they got their hands on the oh-so-precious sugary treats. Little did those girls know, they’d be the inspiration for Grandma Sal’s other pride and joy – Koochikoo!

Starting a new business would be scary for anybody, but that Grandma Sal – she’s got guts! She’d probably shrug this grand achievement off, but with the health and well-being of not only her little grandchildren but her adult children as well, she persevered like the tough and ambitious lady she is. And here we are today, a budding little brand with its heart in just the right place, rooted in the love and care a grandmother has for her grandkids.

The best part about this whole deal is how this love, from generation to generation, is expanded each time a Koochikoo fan treats their loved ones with our sugar free cookies. Run, don't walk to your nearest supermarket and grab some sugar free cookies for your family. Share the love!

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