Sugar Free Cookies FAQ

Q: Who is the “Grandma” behind Koochikoo cookies?
A: Grandma Sal now has three cookie loving grandchildren, Abby, Anna and Maddie*
*Well, Maddie is still a baby but we are sure she is going to love sugar free cookies too!

Q: Why did you decide to make sugar free, all natural cookies?
A: Because my stepson complained about my granddaughters getting too rambunctious on cookies  made with sugar.

Q: What makes our sugar free cookies different?
A: No one has ever produced a great  tasting, all-natural, sugar free cookie. Grandma Sal made it her Mission.

Q: What is Monk Fruit?
A: A natural sweetener approximately 200 times sweetener than sugar, yet it contributes zero calories per serving.

Q: Why did we decide to use Monk Fruit to sweeten our Koochikoo cookies?
A: Because we wanted a great tasting cookie that is sugar free, all natural & tastes great.

Q: Is Monkfruit some sort of genetically modified new fangled crop?
A: No, it has been on Mother Earth for over 1,000 years.

Q: Where does Monk Fruit come from?
A: Southern Asia

Q: Are your cookies safe for diabetics?
A: Persons with diabetes should look to their personal physician or dietitian for the most appropriate diet plan for them.

Q: What is the fiber content of our cookies?
A: Our cookies offer an excellent source of fiber with 5 grams per 6 cookies

Q: Will Koochikoo cookies impact my blood sugar?
A: Yes. Although Koochikoo sugar-free cookies do not contain sugar, they do contain grain based carbohydrates which do influence dietary glucose management

Q: Are your cookies low calorie?
A: Although our cookies have approximately 20% fewer calories than conventional cookies, our cookies do contain carbohydrates and calories.

Q: Do our cookies contain trans fats?
A: No

Q: Are the cookies Kosher?
A: Yes. KOF-K

Q: Why do we describe the brownie and chocolate chip cookies as “chocolatey”?
A: The FDA packaging regulations' definition of chocolate requires it to contains sugar. Our special formula “chocolate” chips are made with real cocoa and are sweetened with a little bit of stevia, yet contain no sugar.

Q:What is Eyrthritol?
Erythritol is a sugar alcohol (polyol) which is naturally occurring in some fruits and fermented foods. It is produced from glucose by fermentation with a yeast. It contains 0.2 kcal/g (compared with 4 kcal/g for sucrose). It is 70% as sweet as sucrose, but doesn’t affect blood sugar or cause tooth decay.  

Q: Does erythritol cause potential digestive issues like maltitol or sorbitol?
A: Erytrhitol does not have the same gastrointestinal side effects commonly associated with other polyols used in sugar-free formulations because of how it is digested.

Q: Are the cookies suitable for vegetarians

Q:Are Koochikoo cookies Non GMO
A:We specifically developed the recipes using the highest quality non-GMO ingredients.